Things Expert Advisors Can Do in Metatrader That Human Traders Can’t

Almost all trading systems can be automated. There are still some traders who are profitable with their own trading systems, Vintage watch but are still content to time-consuming manual trading. Why trade manually when a software can do that for you? Here are some more reasons to switch to automated trading: things that expert advisors can do, but human traders can not.

Watch The Market 24/7

No matter how passionate a Forex trader is, the fact remains that humans need to sleep. Expert Advisors, on the other hand, YTMP3 are just software. They can watch the market non-stop for as long as they have adequate resources to perform their tasks.

Execute Trades Quickly

Human traders need keyboard input and a few mouse clicks to execute their computer commands. Expert advisors do not need these, Youtube to MP3 and so were able to enter trades and perform their functions faster than what a human can normally do. Moreover, Metatrader scripts can be integrated into an expert advisor in such a way that an execution of such scripts would prompt the EA to execute a trade. This saves a lot of time and effort, especially if the strategy involves a lot of trades. A human trader can execute trades, but can never as fast as a software can.

Instantly Export Data To An External File

Expert advisors can export to an external file whatever Metatrader-native data the trader wishes to be saved. This includes, hogar but not limited to trade histories, profit-loss, available margin before and after each trade, and ticket numbers. Doing this would be a lot of time-consuming work for a human trader, while expert advisors can do these things in a breeze.

Quickly Send Emails

Similar to exporting data, surpriseattackrecords expert advisors can also be configured to send emails. Such emails may contain important trading information such as the entry price of the most recent order, current value of an indicator, or even the net profit/loss of the order that recently exited the market. Moreover, it doesn’t need to have a trade executed or exited before it can send email. In fact, it can send email at any even specified by the programmer or trader, such as when entry conditions of a certain strategy were met. This can save a human trader a lot of time, as using this setup will allow him to leave the computer screen, until a signal from email prompts him to return and reevaluate the markets.

Upload Data

Expert advisors can also whado upload data to a remote server. There are many web-based services on the internet that deals with trading statements publishing. You may decide to upload your trading data to review your strategies and performance, and even compare them with those from other traders.

Perform Backtests and Optimization

Backtesting and optimization are features of Metatrader exclusive only to expert advisors. If you would like to use these powerful tools for analyzing your current trading strategy, you will need to convert the strategy to an expert advisor first. Backtesting can give a trader a lot of insight regarding his current trading strategy, as the tool analyzes the strategy using past historical data, supporthome in spans of months and even years. Optimization, on the other hand, can inform the trader about the possible parameter values in a given trading system that are more likely to succeed. Manual backtesting and optimization will be a difficult, if not impossible task for a trader. With the help of the Metatrader strategy tester, such process can often be performed in minutes, depending on the complexity of the trading strategy, the number of variables to optimize, and the span of time the strategy is to be tested.


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