Save Your Marriage With Counseling

Marriage Counseling is a good way to whybitcoinprice increase the number of lasting marriages. Only 50% of first marriages have a chance of survival in the United States. Education that couples would get from marriage counseling can improve that rate. Obviously, if more first marriages were saved, there would not be as many second marriages. And the statistics on 2nd marriages are even worse than first marriages. Therapist Florida

Divorce doesn’t seem to be a deterrent to getting another spouse. A very small percentage of divorced people do not remarry. But preventing divorce could lower the 50% statistics. These divorces would be prevented because people were content in their marriages, ufa168live not because there were laws or financial hoops to jump through. That would be another benefit of education. It would not only save marriages, but make people enjoy the benefits of marriage which many only realize after a divorce or remarriage to a similar partner, Wirelesswanted or after a death. When people are alone, they miss good togetherness.

If high school, and even grade school, children were educated in managing relationships, chronicleshub these intimate relationships would, no doubt, last longer. After high school, marriage counseling should be used on an annual or at least bi-annual basis as continuing education to help adults deal with interdependent life, where two independent adults are able to live together happily for a long time. Our schools spend time teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic. School isn’t long enough each day and should be year round — and it should also teach communicating and living in relationship with other adults. With longer United Marriage Education days and year round school there would be time to teach more.

A marriage license, like a real estate license, should have continuing education requirements. Instead of tax credits for being married, there could be tax credits for continuing education. Marriage Counseling would focus on couples and their issues as well as generic relationship issues. With this counseling, our marriage statistics would become much better than the 50% they are now. For more details visit here websites:-


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